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ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage.


What do you think about when you hear the word brave? I think it’s natural for us to go to the extreme. You may think of a soldier or someone battling cancer. And you would be entirely right. So, what is the difference between brave and courage?


Being brave is the ability to confront danger, even pain, in the face of pressure without the feeling of fear. Being brave is an absolute strength of character that allows people to seem fearless in the face of danger. While courage is the ability to take on difficulties and pain, despite the fear.


A brave person is just that – brave. In and of itself, and by themselves. Courage is always accompanied by, compelled to act by some force; such as concern, compassion, devotion, passion or love.


Think back to your personal definition of brave and think about the world we are living in today. We are all brave. We all have courage within us. Brave does involve facing danger, fear, or difficulty. It also means showing up. And we are showing up, everyday – we are showing up. Being brave doesn’t mean that you aren’t scared, it means that you are scared, and you do it anyway. Being brave is when you push through… Remind yourself, you are doing it right now!


Let's write about being brave and showing up... Let's write about KPT.


What does brave mean to you?

How have you shown courage recently?

When have you felt proud of yourself?

Acknowledge your strengths - what was a challenge you overcame?

In what ways do you wish you were more courageous?


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