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What does creativity mean to you?

I've always been challenged by what creativity means until recently. Creativity defined:

the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work

I used to let myself get caught up in the last couple words and what they meant to me. Artist work. Well, I'm not an artist, I can't draw, barely paint, sketching is out... so how can I be creative? I was fine leaving it at that and moving about my day.

It wasn't until recently, doing some chakra work, knowing full well, after we settle in the root chakra and feel grounded - BAM - we come to the sacral chakra. The dwelling place of self. Again, I have always been challenged by this chakra. It wasn't until we really began to explore and unpack and realize all it had to offer.

Creativity did not mean painting the next Mona Lisa or writing the next great American novel. Creativity is our intuition, it is where we live. Over the past few weeks, I realized, creativity could be defined by me and I could do things for me. I just had to honor my creative gifts.

Game Changer.

This idea of incorporating creativity into my life was shaky at best when I started. Now I realize how much tapping just into myself, my interests, what brought me joy, and expanding my idea of what "being creative" really helped with the depression and anxiety. Research has shown that people can use creativity to confront difficult feelings. Sounds familiar, I think we are all or recently have experienced some difficult feelings. Just go with it. And honestly the more I do, the more comes in.

So what are some things I've done? Shake up the way you think about it.





Mixed Media Art

Re-claiming my space by rearranging and redecorating

New candles


Incorporating new ideas and color to my work

Honestly - what sparks joy? Just go with it! Keep Pushing Through.

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