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the November grey

Today was the quintessential November day. The permeating grey. You know the shade, it's feels like 5:00 the whole day long, the grey that only November can produce. You know the feeling. That cold, damp - gets you right to the bone distinct chill again, only November can produce. I used to despise today. Why the change of heart? How do I find the November grey appealing? I think it is safe to say that November is the quickest month of the year, the easiest to breeze through and not really pay much thought yet it always catches me... Thanksgiving. This month, this holiday, the holiday literally for gratitude and we can't get to the red and green fast enough.

I mentioned that I used to despise this month and I did. November is somber, the leaves have fallen, the ground is starting to freeze, the days are short and the nights are oh so long. If you aren't careful the November grey will catch up with you. November of 2015 was no different, yet little I did I know, this was going to become my favorite month. So many pivotal, great things happened in November. I was transferred up to IU on November 11th, I was diagnosed with C-Diff shortly thereafter. I had my life-saving surgery on November 24th and I learned what it meant to be truly Thankful. Grateful. Blessed.

The whole school of thought = your perception is your reality, yet I want to mention just the opposite actually. If you change your perception your experience changes. My reality changed when I changed my perception about the experiences of November. Four years ago, I was fighting for my life from a hospital bed in Indiana. My perception of that time has forever changed my reality that is today. The lessons I learned from the hospital bed will forever shape who I am today and who I hope to be tomorrow.

I chose to feel the energy in this November day. I embraced the grey, I embraced the damp, I embraced the chill and let it flow over me to inspire me. Sure, my perception is my reality. When I removed the emotion, changed my perception and recognized my underlying thoughts, I have been able to deal with the November grey far more gracefully and with reverent and inspiration. So maybe, if you change your perception, your experiences will change and your "reality" will allow you to pause and reflect this November. There is always something to be thankful for and remember to keep pushing through with a little gratitude and grace.

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