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The 2020 - Three Step

It is really hard to believe it is almost a new decade - 2020. This year, I am approaching the new year a little different with a lot of intention.

I've been thinking about how to make this happen - what would be the best approach for clearing the way for the nearing decade? decided on a three step process, nothing like a good "to-do" list to get me energized. The 2020 three-step!

Following these steps should help to clear the way for a new decade. These steps and maybe a little sage. ;)

1. Reflect on the past decade. Sit back and really think about this one. A LOT went down in the past ten years. Depending on what season of life you find yourself - your events and milestones may vary greatly - as they should. Reflecting on your past can provide a number of benefits. For me, nostalgia is so important, it's like good mac 'n cheese - there is something so comforting in the reflection. Reflection can also improve your mood by thinking back on what you've accomplished. What you've been able to push through and come out the other end stronger and wiser. That being said, this reflection allows for you to focus on a bright future - precisely why I am adding this to my new year's resolutions routine this year. Taking time to look back so I can move forward mindful and intentional.

Tips & Tricks - how am I going to do this? Throughout the year, I kept a jar in the kitchen and added notes throughout the year when something important or significant happened. Good and bad, I captured it. We plan to read through and reflect on those life events of the past year on New Year's Eve.

2. Let It Go! Sure, we all think Frozen when we see this tag line, but really - it's vital to setting clear intentions for the coming year. Seriously! Let it go! As you reflect on the past year, really be mindful of what you want to keep with you and bring with you into the new decade, and what you can leave behind. Maybe it's bad habit. An addiction. A bad relationship. A toxic person. An unhealthy work environment. Whatever it is - anything that does not improve you, please you, motiviate you, encourage you, strengthen you, let it go. The wise words of Marie Kondo - you want only things which spark joy!

Tips & Tricks - how am I going to do this? This is the midpoint between reflecting and planning. A pivotal point that gets overlooked a lot. Being the mid-way, I will reflect open and honestly about what needs to stay and what needs to go - emotionally and physically. I will make a standard pro / con list - working through what needs to stay and what needs to go. For exampe, I would really like to quit drinking Diet Coke, that would have to go. Negativc attitude at work - that has to go. Etc. For the materialistic side - honestly, I did the Marie Kondo technique last year and it worked, I plan to do it again this year. If I haven't worn in the last 12 months (doesn't spark joy) - it goes.

I3. Set Intentions. Set Goals. Set Milestones. This is where the rubber meets the road. Where toes hit the yoga mat. Where you really put in the work. I am going to be very intentional with my new year's resolutions this year. The word intentional has come up a lot during this post and that is (intentional) becauese I have found setting clear intentions help make giant tasks seem bite size. You set an intention before every yoga practice, I plan to apply the same logic here. I won't geek out here, suggesting you use the SMART (Specific Measureable Attainable Relevant Time-Based) philiospy when setting your new year's resolutions, but I will suggest an abbreviated version - options are endless. I would at least make your resolutions SAR - specific, attainable, and relevant.

Tips & Tricks - how am I going to do this? For 2020, I am going to do my resolutions month by month and I will set an intention each month. Within each month there will be more than one resolution (goal), probably two or three and those goals will have intentions as well. Now, I will have some overarching goals for the year - good old fashioned New Year's Resolutions. But there will be intentional growth and development throughout the year. I invite you to keep pushing through and join me in the 2020 Three Step to healthy and happy 2020.

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