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Honesty is the best policy...

Something I did last year - I set my intentions for the year with a word. Last year my word was Grace. I read about it, learned about it, tried to understand the concept of it and implemented it. I would like to think I was successful. That being said, I am going for HONEST in 2019.

Honest is imply defined as free of deceit or untruthfulness; sincere. I don't want you thinking I am a dishonest person and honesty is something I struggle with, that is certainly not the case. I think of this more as a being honest with myself mentality opposed to Harry Potter having write over and over "I must not tell lies".

With honesty comes vulnerability, and with vulnerability comes courage, with courage comes fear, with fear comes strength, with strength comes faith --> and with faith comes honesty. This isn't a perfect linear relationship, but I do believe those characteristics do align with one another.

I experienced a little nod from God this morning. The sermon series we started was "After Further Review" examining the Sermon on the Mount. The question / challenge posed today was to answer the question "What is giving your life direction?" "What is determining your values?" Good Questions. What is giving my life direction? What is determining my values? I want to be very intentional about this in the coming year and this is where the nod from God came, my idea of focusing on being honest comes into play.

Being honest can be downright brutal at times. Excruciatingly painful and raw, causing suffering and distress, but you know what comes after that. Healing. Just like when you skin your knee, it's painful and raw, but it heals. The truth (being honest) has a way of providing that same healing process. And through that pain and healing amazing outcomes can occur.

I experienced the need to be honest in the most raw way when I was faced my pancreatitis diagnosis. I had to be honest with my family, honest with the doctors, AND honest with myself. That honesty opened up vulnerability and courage within me, followed by a sense of fear and strength I did not know I had - faith followed. That is why for 2019, as painful as it might be at times, I am going to be honest. Honest with myself and honest with those I love. I am going to let that, along with vulnerability, courage and strength drive the direction of my life. To be humble means to have an honest and realistic assessment of ourselves -- our strengths and weaknesses, so I humbly ask you, what will give your life direction in 2019?

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