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Energy Synergy

In early June, tens-of-thousands of lightning bugs gather in swarms and flash in harmony as the entire forest alternates between light and darkness. This the largest population of synchronous fireflies in the Western Hemisphere; located in the Smoky Mountain National Park. Can you imagine how electrifying that would be? So much energy, seeing the lights go on and off. It would be an unforgettable moment.

This same harmony was true this past weekend. A group of 450 writer's gathered for three days in the suburbs of Charlotte and it was electrifying. Hope Writers. I knew, with all my being - I was where I was exactly meant to be. When is the last time you can say that?

There is just something about hope. You can feel it - to cherish a desire with anticipation. Hope is more than wanting, it's almost an expectation, but not an arrogant manner. It is a confident expectation for a positive outcome.

Now more than ever, we all need something to believe in. A little hope. You could see the sparks throughout our time together. Sparks as if lightbulbs would flicker, hearts would flutter and ideas would blossom.

How do you bottle this type of motivation? This type of inspiration? This energy? I want to capture it in a bottle and take it home with me. I know that is not possible, what is the next best thing? I've created my own little schema to bottle up this energy of hope.

H - Honor. I am going to honor my calling and make time for what is important. O - Open. I am going to be open to what comes and what needs to go. P - Plan. I am going to use a calendar and goals and deadlines and plan out my next steps.

E - Enjoy. I am going to enjoy this calling and ride the wave as long as I possibly can.

From tips of the my toes to the top of my head - my entire being has been energized. I am ready to share my words and help people to keep pushing through. I do not want to lose this spark. I want to be free like the lightening bugs, lighting up the night sky - sparking energy and joy.

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